The Forsyth Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is an external advisory group that counsels Forsyth on the direction of its research and programs.  


Peter Polverini

Chair of SAB: Peter Polverini; Jonathan Taft Distinguished University Professor of Dentistry;Dean Emeritus University of Michigan School of Dentistry; Professor of Pathology, University of Michigan Medical School

Colleen Cavanaugh

Colleen Cavanaugh; Edward C. Jeffrey Professor of Biology; Co-Director, Microbial Science Initiative Dept. of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology; Harvard University 

Jeffrey Ebersole

Jeffrey Ebersole; Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Associate Dean for Research, University of Nevada at Las Vegas

George Hajishengallis

George Hajishengallis; Thomas W. Evans Centennial Professor, Department of Basic & Translational Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine

Ophir Klein

Ophir Klein

Executive Director of Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children’s; Vice Dean for Children’s Services; David and Meredith Kaplan Distinguished Chair in Children’s Health; Professor of Pediatrics; Adjunct Professor of Orofacial Sciences and Pediatrics, UC San Francisco 

Henry Kronenberg

Henry Kronenberg; Chief, Endocrine Unit; Physician, Department of Medicine; Massachusetts General Hospital

R. Dwayne Lunsford

R. Dwayne Lunsford; Director; Host-Microbial Interactions, Pathogenesis and Microbiome; Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition; National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Charles Serhan

Charles Serhan; Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics and Reperfusion Injury;Simon Gelman Professor of Anaesthesia (Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology); Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Professor Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Jane Weintraub

Jane Weintraub; Alumni Distinguished Professor, Department of Dental Ecology; UNC School of Dentistry; UNC Gillings School of Public Health

Marvin Whiteley

Marvin Whiteley; Professor Biological Sciences, Chair in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Co-Director of Emory-Children’s CF Center; Georgia Tech University

Marian Young

Marian Young; Deputy Scientific Director & Senior Investigator, Molecular Biology of Bones & Teeth Section; NIH NIDCR