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ForsythKids provides public health dentistry on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools, it removed access for thousands of children who rely on school-based health programs to receive regular dental care. The consequences of that disruption are only beginning to be understood and will likely have lasting effects on oral and overall health. The ForsythKids team has witnessed these consequences first-hand. […] (Jan 24, 2022)

Meet Forsyth Alumnus Dr. Andrew Collins

Welcome to a new series featuring Forsyth Institute Alumni! Learn more and apply to join the Forsyth Alumni Association. The Forsyth Institute has been the training ground for thousands of researchers around the world. Education and Training programs are considered a strength and priority of the Institute, with both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training opportunities available, as well […] (Jan 06, 2022)

Meet Forsyth Alumna Bethlehem Solomon

Welcome to the first installment of a new series featuring Forsyth Institute Alumni! Learn more and apply to join the Forsyth Alumni Association. The Forsyth Institute Student Scholars Summer Internship Program exposes high-school students to the exciting and rewarding world of scientific research. Created in 1993, the program allows students to work side-by-side in the […] (Nov 09, 2021)

Why study the oral microbiome? A conversation with Dr. Xuesong He

Forsyth’s annual Scientific Symposium, Oral Microbiome—Beyond Bacteria, aims to promote better understanding of the oral microbiome from a holistic perspective. The oral microbiome is composed of diverse conventional bacterial species, fungal and viral (bacteriophage) components, as well as recently identified nano-sized parasitic Candidate Phyla Radiation (CPR) organisms(1-3). Effective management of oral microbiome-related diseases calls for […] (Oct 20, 2021)

Meet Forsyth dentech 2021 presenter Dr. Wardah Inam, CEO of Overjet

A cohort of 18 start-up companies and independent innovators will present their novel oral health technologies at Forsyth dentech 2021. The scope of technologies includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, probiotic nutraceuticals, AI-based software, dental consumer products, and more. A team of judges will select two presenters to win cash prizes, sponsored by CareCapital and Primerock Capital. One […] (Sep 20, 2021)

Two questions and one prediction with Forsyth dentech 2021 Keynote Speaker Dai Feng

The Forsyth Institute is pleased to present Dai Feng as the Keynote Speaker for Forsyth dentech 2021. Dai is the co-founder and managing director of CareCapital Advisors Limited, a dental focused VC and growth investor managing a $5 billion portfolio of more than 50 dental technology companies worldwide. The company invests an average of $250 million […] (Sep 15, 2021)

Introducing the Forsyth dentech 2021 CEO Panel

Forsyth dentech 2021 will feature a diverse panel of experts in the oral health innovation ecosystem representing government, industry, academia, venture capital, and more. The panel was hand-selected and will be moderated by Forsyth’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Wenyuan Shi. Learn more about each panelist below. Dr. Rena D’Souza is the Director of […] (Sep 13, 2021)

Why invest in oral health innovation? Learn the motivation behind Forsyth dentech 2021

On September 23, oral health innovation thought leaders from around the globe will gather at The Forsyth Institute and virtually to mobilize a new generation of technology in dentistry. The oral health technology development sector represents a $100 billion+ untapped market with great potential to improve patient health and increase access to cutting-edge care. Forsyth […] (Sep 08, 2021)

Meet Our 2021 Student Scholars

Each year, the Forsyth Institute welcomes a cohort of high school students into our laboratories to work side-by-side with scientists and clinicians on real research projects. Created in 1993 as one of the first STEM programs in Massachusetts, the Forsyth Institute Student Scholars Summer Internship Program aims to teach students what scientific research involves and […] (Aug 18, 2021)

Forsyth dentech 2021 explores $100+ billion untapped oral health market

Oral health care is a market with an optimistic outlook, reflecting increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy oral hygiene and fresh and pleasant breath, as well as growth in dental tourism and governmental promotion of awareness about dental diseases in emerging economies. Despite the size of the market and its expected growth, […] (Aug 10, 2021)