Conflict of Interest Policy

As an independent academic research institution, The Forsyth Institute (“Forsyth”) encourages its staff to seek and participate in sponsored research in order to foster Forsyth’s core mission of advancing human health and wellbeing through scientific discovery and education.  While the complexity of the research relationships that Forsyth and its scientific staff have with industry, government and other entities is increasing, the overriding principle that financial and other personal considerations cannot compromise, or appear to compromise, a staff member’s professional judgment in conducting or reporting research results remains a priority at Forsyth.  Forsyth is committed to ensuring that the objectivity of its staff members is never threatened by obligations owed to companies or organizations that sponsor research at Forsyth. 

Many of the Forsyth staff conduct research that is supported by public funds and thus incur a specific obligation to preserve the public trust.  The Federal Government requires that Forsyth ensure that such members of its staff are aware of potential conflicts of interest arising from interrelationships with Federal agencies and commercial sponsors and their obligation to notify Forsyth of all outside activities that may have conflict of interest implications.

To further these goals in compliance with all applicable Federal policies, Forsyth has developed the attached policy which establishes clear guidelines and principles to enable its staff to appropriately structure and maintain their relationships with industry in a manner that is ethically and legally appropriate and in no way whatsoever compromises the integrity of the research conducted at Forsyth.  This Policy is designed to increase awareness of the Forsyth staff of the potential for financial conflicts of interest, and to establish procedures for identifying and addressing financial conflicts of interest.