Continuing Education Program

A History of Education

Founded in 1910, The Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children focused primarily on the oral health needs of Boston’s disadvantaged children. In addition, Forsyth provided advanced clinical training for graduate dentists. These programs offered the opportunity for all children under the age of sixteen, regardless of socio-economic background, to obtain dental examinations and care for their teeth. More than 500,000 children received free dental care at Forsyth.


In 1915, Forsyth embarked on its first scientific research program – discovering the first connections between dental decay and fluoride, nutrition and bacteria. As a result of these important discoveries, the dental profession was inspired to examine the scientific basis for oral disease. A progressive and pioneering leader in oral health, Forsyth launched the School for Dental Hygienists in 1916 and offered a highly regarded training program for dental hygienists until 2002.

With the realization that the need for dental care far exceeded Forsyth’s capacity, the organization expanded its mission in the 1960s to include scientific research. In 1996, the Forsyth changed its mission to reflect its commitment to research.

Continuing Education

The Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, provides continuing education (CE) Programs to educate and disseminate information in the field of dental medicine to students and individual professionals domestically and internationally in order to enhance collaboration and exchange of knowledge. 

The Forsyth Institute is committed to forging international partnerships and developing innovative collaborations. One of the ways we demonstrate that priority is through the ongoing exchange of scholars and advanced graduate students from other countries. Forsyth CE programs strive to provide invaluable educational experiences for biomedical and dental professionals by invited faculty members from renowned academic institutions.

Please contact Dr. Xiaozhe Han, Director of International Continuing Education, for additional information on course schedules and program details.