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May 20, 2022 | 8:30 am 6:00 pm

Friday, May 20, 2022
MSE Seminar (8:30AM – 4PM: 6 Credit CE Course)
Course Fee: $480
CDE Credits: 6
Location: National Hotel, 1677 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
*Within walking distance to the Convention Center for AAO Annual Session 2022

Questions? Contact John Izzo, 617-892-8275 or

Seminar Title: The Moon Principles by Won: Comprehensive Seminar in Micro-Implants Supported Midfacial Skeletal Expander (MSE) with Retrospective Overview, the Latest Developments, and Prospective Advanced Applications 

Seminar Detail: 

The application of Micro-Implants (MI) in orthodontics can be extremely versatile. Creative use of MI can provide many treatment modalities which were not possible with the traditional orthodontic approach. The MSE has evolved since 2004, and its application has been steadily growing globally. With a proliferation of MSE related publications by multiple, there is clear evidence to support its impact.

The dental and skeletal effects of maxillary expansion using the conventional rapid palatal expander (RPE), the surgically-assisted rapid palatal expander (SARPE), and the micro-implant assisted midfacial skeletal expander (MSE) will be illustrated. Dental expansion, bone bending, and true skeletal expansion will be compared. The adverse clinical consequences of RPE and SARPE in high-angle cases will be explored, and a new approach eliminating these problems by the use of MSE will be presented, based on research data. Clinical cases involving non-surgical midfacial expansion in both adolescent and adult patients will be examined in detail. Through these clinical examples, a proper MSE fabrication and expansion protocols will be illustrated.

Secondly, other advantages of utilizing MSE will be demonstrated. Many patients requiring maxillary expansion often have narrow nasal airways, and positive changes in nasal airways with application of MSE are common. Clinical cases and research findings illustrating the profound enlargement of nasal airways and functional improvements after MSE in both adolescent and adult patients will be closely evaluated. Furthermore, the airflow improvements will be illustrated by the dynamic airflow measurements directly from the patients and also by the computational fluid dynamics model simulations. The airway obstruction and the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) are related but the true impact of MSE for OSAS has not been clearly defined. The latest findings regarding the impact of MSE from the UCLA research team will be presented.

With this concept of orthopedic expansion, MSE can also aid in orthopedic correction of Class III cases when combined with a face-mask (FM). Clinical cases combining MSE and FM in both growing and mature patients will be discussed, and orthopedic effects will be illustrated. In addition, orthopedic management of high angle cases will be presented, and the long-term stability of Class III orthopedic treatments will be discussed. The use of growth modification for young patients and distraction-like protraction techniques for mature patients, in conjunction with this new device, open the door to many new possibilities. The latest findings from the UCLA research team will be presented in order to enhance depth of understanding in impact of MSE. 

Lastly, unknown skeletal impacts will be further explored. Changes in the facial dimension and surrounding structure will be demonstrated through clinical cases. The latest findings from the UCLA research team will be presented in order to enhance depth of understanding in impact of MSE. 

This course will cover a comprehensive overview of current usage of MSE and will also provide more thought-provoking possibilities for those who are seeking more advanced applications of MSE.

Learning Objectives: 

  • The differences in expansion by RPE, SARPE, MARPE and MSE
  • Overall concept of MSE, Dx and Tx planning, and patient selection
  • Craniofacial vs dentoalveolar changes with MSE
  • Producing a parallel expansion in occlusal and frontal planes with MSE
  • Orthopedic expansion in high angle cases with MSE
  • Indications for the use of MSE in children 
  • Nonsurgical orthopedic expansion in adults with MSE
  • Stability of orthopedic transverse correction 
  • Proper appliance selection and fabrication
  • Optimal activation protocol based on mechanical and biological considerations 
  • Orthopedic protraction in Class III cases with MSE and FM
  • Improving an obstructive nasal/pharyngeal airway with MSE
  • Contraindications and troubleshooting
  • Overcoming difficult cases
  • Combining minor surgical procedure with MSE for even more challenging cases
  • Digital Workflow and MSE Customization
  • New and improved MSE and future direction

Friday, May 20, 2022
Workshop (4:30 to 6PM – 2 CE Credits): Limited enrollments only for those who took the MSE Seminar
Course Fee: $380
CDE Credits: 2

Workshop Title: The Moon Principles by Won: Midfacial Skeletal Expander (MSE) Hand-On Workshop

Workshop Detail: 

This workshop is for those who took the basic MSE course in the past and want to have hands-on experience. The following will be covered during this workshop:

Part I (Lab Work): MSE fabrication (new MSE, typodont, and pliers)

  1. Overview of MSE fabrication 
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of Materials and Methods for the workshop
  3. Proper placement of MSE on the typodont made with synthetic bone 
  4. Contouring the supporting arms

Part II (Clinical): MSE insertion, activation and removal (requires: prefabricated MSE, typodont, and MSE tools from MSE kit)

  1. Clinical tips through case studies
  2. PowerPoint Presentation of Materials and Methods for the workshop
  3. Placing prefabricated MSE onto the typodont
  4. Inserting Micro-Implants into the synthetic bone using both the mini-hand-driver and Ratchet Wrench
  5. MSE Activation
  6. Removing Micro-Implants with the min-hand-driver

We are grateful to acknowledge the educational grant and other support provided by: Great Lakes Technologies

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