Forsyth Institute CEO Greeting

Welcome to The Forsyth Institute, the only independent research institute in the country specializing in oral health and its impact on overall wellness.

Since its inception in 1910, The Forsyth Institute has established itself as a pioneer in pediatric dentistry. Originally named the Forsyth Dental Infirmary for Children, Forsyth focused on the oral health needs of Boston’s most vulnerable populations; over a century later, Forsyth’s commitment to children’s dental care remains steadfast. In 2001, ForsythKids began delivering preventative dental care to children of all ages at schools, daycares and community centers across Massachusetts. With the addition of international prevention and education programs in Latin America and Kuwait, ForsythKids’ care has transcended borders.

When the Forsyth Institute first opened, it was charged with providing complete oral therapy for children and preventing dental cavities. It quickly became clear that pediatric oral disease could not just be ‘treated away’, thus Forsyth embarked on a path to discover new methods of prevention and treatment. Since Forsyth’s first research expedition in 1915, Forsyth’s scientists have pioneered path-breaking advances in dentistry. 

Starting in 1950, Forsyth changed the oral health landscape through expanded efforts in cutting-edge dentistry research and training. Forsyth has since been a top tier institution in NIH research funding and has contributed to the highest impact publications in the oral health field. Our scientists have identified the protective mechanisms of fluoride and the cause of the two most common global infectious diseases: dental decay and gum disease.

Forsyth is an incubator of firsts - we developed the first local antibiotic to treat gum disease and sequenced the first oral bacterial genome. From our innovative research to technology transfer and public health initiatives, to our local and global pediatric outreach efforts, Forsyth has always acted with the advancement of oral health in mind.

Located in Cambridge, Forsyth is also a convener for oral health and biotech experts. In addition to our affiliation with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Forsyth researchers partner with an array of academic institutions, hospitals, independent research institutes, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies to remain at the forefront of oral health discovery. This dynamic and creative environment empowers our researchers to develop scientific breakthroughs that succeed not only in our labs, but also in the commercial marketplace.

Over the past year, we’ve launched a new 3-pillared strategic plan focused on biological research, public health outreach, and technological innovation. Looking ahead, we’re planning this year to host Forsyth’s first Forsyth Symposium, a second public health panel event, and our first technology summit to illustrate the 3-pillared strategic approach. The institute is also working together to revamp Forsyth’s scientific core offerings and launch a renewed continuing education program.

The STEM programming leadership has revamped “Forsyth Student Scholars” to better connect with local youth and give our faculty the opportunity to provide mentorship. We’ve begun recruiting new Principal Investigators to Forsyth and have continued to strengthen collaborative relationships with major national and international organizations. The Forsyth Faculty Associates’ patient intake has increased through a partnership with the Boston Children’s Hospital, and we’ve started expanding the ForsythKids team in preparation for global expansion.

Please take a look around our website to better familiarize yourself with our many areas of expertise.

Forsyth Institute's CEO & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Wenyuan Shi