Forsyth Student Scholars Remote Science Camps, China 

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Forsyth Student Scholars International Remote Science Camps expose aspiring young scientists in middle and high school (ages 11 – 18) to the exciting and rewarding world of scientific research.

Topics covered in the Remote Camp include:

Oral Health
Teeth and Bones
Public Health

Modeled after the Forsyth Student Scholars Summer Internship Program, one of the oldest STEM programs in Massachusetts, for high school students interested in science careers, the 5-day Remote Science Camp introduces campers to the oral health research-focused science in which Forsyth scientists specialize—microbiology, immunology, teeth and bones, public health, and oral health.

Students will receive a certificate of completion to highlight their work during the week. Students will also be invited to join the Forsyth Student Scholars Alumni Group, a scientific club for all Student Scholars alumni.

This program can help students prepare for science competitions like iGEM!

More Information:

Junior (Basic) Camp: Students will focus on one specialty area each day with the 5th day demonstrating how all disciplines can work together on a common issue.

Senior (Advanced) Camp: Students will focus on the same topic for the whole week, gaining an in-depth understanding of how it us used in research and relevant laboratory techniques.

Each session will consist of lectures, lab tours, and live question and answer sessions.

Students will be given suggested at-home experiments or activities to perform after the daily online session is completed.

Highlights of the program include:

  • 1-week remote summer science camp conducted through Zoom
  • Learning from world-renowned Forsyth scientists
  • Recorded and subtitled lectures and lab tours will be sent to campers each morning
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions every morning
  • Membership in the Student Scholars Alumni Group
  • Students will receive a certificate of completion

Student requirements:

  • Ages 11-18 years old)
  • Currently residing in China
  • Interest in STEM, science, research, or oral health
  • Fully available for all 5 days of the week registered with access to an internet-enabled device (computer, tablet, smart phone)

Moderators and Organizers:
Dr. Megan Pugach, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Forsyth Student Scholars 
Dr. Xiaozhe Han, DDS, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of International Continuing Education
Ms. Winnie Guo, BA, BS, Executive Assistant 

Daily Schedule (topic changes daily):

  • 7 am: campers receive the day’s subtitled videos and at home assignments
  • 8 pm: Live Question and Answer Session with Forsyth Scientists

Schedule and Forsyth Expert Participants
Day 1 Welcome
Dr. Wenyuan Shi, PhD, CEO and CEO; Dr. Megan Pugach, PhD, Assistant Investigator, Director of Education

Oral Health
Ms. Elizabeth Raponi, RDH, ForsythKids Program Hygienist & Outreach; Dr. Tingxi Wu, DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor,  Director of Orthodontics & Craniofacial development research                                 

Day 2 Microbiology
Dr. Batbileg Bor, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dr Julian Torres-Moralis, PhD, Research Scholar, Dr. Tabita Ramirez-Puebla, PhD, Research Scholar                             

Day 3 Immunology
Dr. Yang Hu, PhD, Assistant Faculty ; Dr. Ning Yu, DDS, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Day 4 Teeth and Bones
Dr. Baptiste Depalle, PhD, Assistant Faculty; Dr. Ana Gil del Bona, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow 

Day 5 Public Health & Dental Caries
Dr. Helen Nguyen, MPH, DDS, ForsythKids Dentist; Dr. Xuesong He, PhD, DDS, Associate Professor; Dr. Felicitas Bidlack, PhD, Associate Professor; Dr. Raffi Miller, DDS, CAGS, Associate Investigator, ForsythKids Director

This camp will be combined with our domestic Forsyth Student Scholars Remote Camps to maximize interactions between students.

Students will focus on the same topic for the whole week, gaining an in-depth understanding of how it us used in research and relevant laboratory techniques. Each session will consist of group discussions, remote laboratory interactives and simulations, lab tours, career talks, and hands-on on experiments. Students will report on their findings in an online journal and at the start of the next day’s session.

All activities during the online portion will be live to allow for maximum interaction with the campers.

Moderators and Organizers:
Dr. Megan Pugach, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Forsyth Student Scholars 
Dr. Xiaozhe Han, DDS, MSc, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of International Continuing Education
Ms. Winnie Guo, BA, BS, Executive Assistant 

Daily Schedule (with US camps):

09:00 pmCheck in/ social time/ discussion plan for the day (+ recap of previous day)
09:30 pmLecture – topic changes daily
10:00 pmLab tour and/or career chat
10:20 pmBreak
10:30 pmSmall group activity
11:00 pmExperiment
11:50 amRecap & discussion + wrap up

For more information, please contact:

Meet Our Remote Science Camp Director:

Dr. Megan Pugach-Gordon is the Director of Education, a faculty researcher and the Director of Forsyth Student Scholars Program, a STEM summer internship program that allows local high school students to work with scientist mentors on independent laboratory research projects. After completing her undergraduate training at Washington University, Dr. Pugach-Gordon attended University of California, San Francisco for her PhD. After her postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania, she moved to Forsyth as assistant faculty in 2013, where she performs her research, mentors young scientists and exposes the next generation of scientists to laboratory research.

Our authorized collaborator:

Beijing Dragonstar Cultural Communication Co., Ltd
Tel.:17310326464  Miss Long
电话:17310326464 小龙老师

Registration Process:

  1. Fill out the Application Form, email it to
  2. You will receive a Certificate of Admission from Forsyth
  3. Tuition payment due using below Registration Form




In order to register for this Remote Camp, you must agree to the following terms:

Media Consent

I give permission for The Forsyth Institute to record my child’s video and audio during his/her participation in the Forsyth Junior Student Scholars Remote Summer Science Camp. I acknowledge that The Forsyth Institute can use this recording for program evaluation, training, education, and advertising purposes and my child and I are not entitled to any compensation from his/her likeness used for these purposes.

Acknowledge Access to Technology

I acknowledge that my child has access to reliable internet access and an electronic device that has the capability to use video and audio communication.

Nonrefundable Tuition

I acknowledge that tuition for the Forsyth Junior Student Scholars Remote Summer Science Camp is non-refundable once my child begins the first camp session. Any requests for refunds must be made by email to at least 5 business days before the start of my child’s first camp session.

Is the Camp a live-video stream or is it pre-recorded?

The camp will be composed of pre-recorded videos and a live question and answer period.

What is the appropriate amount of time, per day, a student will sit in front of a screen and remain fully engaged?

Students will be asked to be in front of their screen for approximately 2 hours per day. There will also be optional assignments to be completed after the sessions that may require additional screen time.

How long is a camp session? How many camp sessions are in a camp week?

Camp sessions are approximately 2 hours (including 1 hour of live interaction) each day for 5 consecutive days. You can see the sample schedule above.

Do campers do the same activity everyday?

Students follow a similar pattern of activities each day, but they are presented with different topics for each session. There may be different activities depending on what fits best with the topic.

How many counselors will be present during each session? What is the role of each counselor?

There will be at least 1 camp director present during the live question and answer period and a Forsyth Scholar who will be translating the sessions into Mandarin.

Do campers need headphones, webcam, or microphone? Will students need any household items or supplies to participate in the camp?

Students will be required to have video and audio capabilities during the camp, either through their electronic device or an attached device. Offline activities will require the use of some household items, and campers will receive a list of these items prior to each session.

Will campers participate in any activities that could potentially damage a computer or its components (e.g. painting, water, etc.)?

Offline activities may require use of liquids, but these activities should be performed in an area that can safely get wet and is away from electronic devices.

How will parents learn how to prepare their camper for the upcoming session or camp day? Is there a listing in the website? Will a pre-camp email be sent?

Parents and students will receive an email the week before their camp starts with the camp schedule, login information, camp director contact information, and any other information and materials that will be needed in preparation for the remote camp.

Will parents have to be involved helping students log on or prepare materials before the camp sessions begin?

Our remote summer camp is designed to engage students for the 2-hour sessions without adult supervision to allow parents time to tend to other matters. We encourage parent involvement as needed for offline activities. Parent involvement is not necessary for any part of the camp as long as students can log in to the programs on their own.

Will parents have to be present and actively involved during the camp?

Parents are not expected or required to be present during the camp sessions. If they are interested in joining the daily question and answer sessions with their child, they are welcome to.