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Megan Pugach-Gordon, PhD

Assistant Member of Staff

Instructor, Department of Developmental Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Director, Forsyth Student Scholars
Co-Director, Junior Student Scholars

With a background in oral and craniofacial research, Megan Pugach-Gordon is interested in tooth formation, malformation, disease, oral health disparities and STEM education. Dental caries is a major clinical problem worldwide that is associated with significant costs and societal impacts, particularly in underserved communities. Dr. Pugach-Gordon’s research is focused on biomimetic tooth repair strategies, the […]

Baptiste Depalle

Assistant Investigator

Baptiste earned his Doctorate in Biomechanics form Universite de Lyon, France, in 2011 studying the impact of tissue heterogeneity on trabecular bone fragility. He completed postdoctoral training at both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Imperial College London on bone nanostructure and modifications induced by bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). […]

Felicitas Bidlack, PhD

Associate Member of Staff

Instructor, Department of Developmental Biology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

With a background in biology and anthropology, Felicitas Bidlack is interested in tooth formation, evolution, and the processes that drive mineral formation, and de-and re-mineralization of teeth. Her primary goal is to integrate her broad background into an interdisciplinary research approach that enhances our understanding of tooth formation and contributes to new strategies for dental […]

Tina Yaskell

Senior Laboratory Technician

Tina is currently working in the Mineralized Tissue Department with Drs. Felicitas Bidlack, Megan Pugach-Gordon and Baptiste Depalle. We are working to identify and understand the role, structure and organization of proteins and minerals in developing tooth enamel matrix. Tina joined the Forsyth Institute in 1985 in the Biochemistry Department under the guidance of Dr. Shelby Kashket […]

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