Patent Committee

The Patent Committee is the decision-making body that meets on a quarterly basis to review all new invention disclosures and evaluate them in with respect to the following: development status; intellectual property status; market potential; market maturity; and competing technologies. 

Following their evaluation and discussion, the Committee votes on whether to:

  • Move forward with a provisional patent application or other steps in the process;
  • Defer its decision while awaiting receipt of relevant data or research results.  

Thereafter, the Committee monitors all pending patents and makes all decisions regarding future filings, responses to office actions, international patenting, etc.



Ashley J. Stevens, D.Phil(Oxon), CLP, RTTP
President, Focus IP Group, LLC
Past President, Association of University Technology Managers

Internal Voting Members:

Max Goodson, DDS, PhD
Senior Member of Staff, Forsyth

Philip Stashenko, DMD, PhD
Senior Member of Staff, Forsyth

Tom Van Dyke, DDS, PhD
Vice President of Clinical and Translational Research, Forsyth

External Voting Members:

Shawn Burke, PhD
President, Spacetime Systems, Inc.

Andrew Jay, DMD, MBA
Investment Partner Venture Capital, Siemens

Michael Palfreyman, PhD
Head, Translational R&D, ChemDiv, Inc.
Senior Scientific Advisor for Vitruvean, Inc.

Internal Non-Voting Members:

Karen A. Mullin, JD, LLM
Chief General Counsel/ Director of Technology Development

Sean Cotton, MEng
Technology Development Manager