Christine Kressirer, PhD

  • Director, Laboratory Resources and Manager, Histology Core
  • Publications

Christine Kressirer, a highly-skilled microbiologist and biochemist, is the Director of Laboratory Resources and Manager of the Histology Core. She oversees the day-to-day operation of the majority of Forsyth’s Scientific Cores, in close coordination with each Core Manager.

With her strong research background, Kressirer supervises the research staff utilizing the Cores and assists in the interpretation of experimental results as necessary. She prepares cost estimates, monitors equipment usage and acquisition, and ensures quality control. Kressirer is also the acting manager of the Forsyth Histology Core.

Her primary goal is to provide custom support to Forsyth faculty and external academic or industry customers. From experiment inception through data analysis, she relies heavily on her broad scientific background to determine the optimal workflow required to correctly process samples from each individual project. This attention to detail allows scientists to accurately compare samples from their healthy and diseased cohorts, to study genetic modification, different treatment modalities, generating supporting data and enabling them to formulate new hypotheses for downstream applications.

“Throughout my career I have never stopped learning about science and have always tried to focus my work on real world applications that will ultimately help patients” says Kressirer. “I take the time to sit down with individual investigators to understand their goals and efficiently reduce time and costs, as well as help with data analyses.”

In the next phase of her research, Kressirer will continue to bridge scientific disciplines in order to improve both the type and quality of tissue samples that can be processed by the Forsyth Scientific Cores.



Colorado State University, BS, 2002, Microbiology and Biochemistry

Ludwigs Maximillian University, Munich, Germany, PhD, 2010, Pharmaceutical Biology