Pre-doctoral Training

Forsyth staff participate in pre-doctoral research training in a number of programs at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM).  The introductory course ‘Oral Microbiology and Immunology’ is organized by a Forsyth scientist, and is given each April for first year HSDM dental students. This course provides a broad overview of important topics in basic and translational research relevant to oral health. Forsyth scientists also mentor HSDM students for their scholarly research projects as part of their graduation requirement. This experience includes an eight-week summer research experience, written research report, and presentations at Soma Weiss Day (Harvard Medical School) and HSDM Student Research Day. For more information please visit:

Forsyth also welcomes students from other colleges and universities into its laboratories for supervised summer research experiences. Although this is not a formal program, many universities encourage and support student research, and may provide a stipend to support internships. In some cases, the host laboratory may be able to provide additional support depending upon the availability of funds. After exploring the scientist pages on our website, interested students may directly contact the investigator with whom they may wish to work for further information on these opportunities. 

More Than Oral Health

Scientists at Forsyth understand the mouth not as an isolated feature requiring periodic care, but as the body's most critical portal, linking oral health to a range of systemic disorders. Forsyth offers a unique model for unraveling the great puzzles of human disease.