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This is the current schedule of speakers and topics for the 2022 Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium in Honor of Dr. Coenraad F.A. Moorrees.

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Day 1: Friday, October 7, 2022

8:00 am    9:00 am     Registration/Continental breakfast
9:00 am9:10 amDr. Tingxi Wu, DDS, PhD;
Dr. Wenyuan Shi, PhD, CEO
The Forsyth Institute
9:10 am9:40 amDr. Ravindra Nanda, DDS, PhD
Current State of Clinical Orthodontics
9:40 am9:55 amDonald HuangIOF presentation

Session 1 – Orthodontic Past, Present & Future

Moderator: Dr. Tingxi Wu

10:00 am10:45 amPanel Discussion 
Dr. Ravindra Nanda DDS, PhD
Dr. Ben Wu, DDS, PhD (UCLA)
Dr. Bruce Lieberthal, DMD (Henry Schein)
Elizabeth Campbell (myOrthos)
Dr. Marc Lemchen, DMD, (Innovator)
Dr. Alfred Griffen, DMD, PhD (Light Force)
Dai Feng (CareCapital)
10:45 am11:00 amCoffee Break
11:00 am12:00 pmPanel Discussion Continued
12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch

Session II- Impact of Innovative Research in Orthodontics

Moderator: Dr. Kang Ting

Start EndSpeakerTopic
1:00 pm1:40 pmDr. Ben Wu, DDS, PhDMicroanalysis of Clear Aligner Materials
1:40 pm2:20 pmDr. Sath Allareddy, BDS, PhDOverview of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technologies: Implications for Orthodontics
2:20 pm3:00 pmDr. Padhraig Fleming, BDS, PhDApplying Evidence to our Practice and Innovations  
3:00 pm3:20 pmCoffee Break
3:20 pm4:00 pmDr. Sunil Wadhwa, DDSThe Role of Oral Health in the Acquisition and Progression of SARS-CoV-2
4:00 pm4:40 pmDr. Ching-Chang Ko, DDS, PhD Force-mediated Orthodontic Tooth Movement: Old Prophet or Young Prophet?
4:40 pm5:20 pm Dr. Kang Ting, DMD, DMSC Biomaterial Effects on Biomechanics of Aligners
5:20 pm6:30 pmReception/Networking(Will be held at Forsyth)

Day 2: Saturday, October 8, 2022

Please note: You can receive 7 CE credits for attending the second day of the program. Education grant provided by International Orthodontics Foundation.

Start EndSpeakerTopic
7:00 am8:00 amContinental breakfast

Session III – Innovative Translational Research and Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Sunil Wadhwa

Start EndSpeakerTopic
8:00 am8:30 amDr. Tingxi Wu, DDS, PhD  An innovative approach to manage oral microbiota during orthodontic treatment
8:30 am9:00 amDarryl Lesiuk (SmileSonica), MBA     Innovative Low-Intensity Pulsed UltraSound (LIPUS) Dental and Health Solutions
9:00 am9:30 amDaniel Weinstein (Lura Health) CEO & Co-FounderOrthodontics Meets Digital Biosensors: The Untapped Goldmine of Continual Saliva Monitoring in Dentistry
9:30 am10:00 am Dr. Ki Beom Kim (Graphy), DDS, MSD, PhDDirect Print Aligners: Disruptive Technology 
10:00 am10:20 amCoffee Break
10:20 am10:50 amDr. Mehdi Peikar (Brius) DDS, MSc, PhDBrava: Not Braces, Not Aligners. Independent Movers!
10:50 am11:20 amDr. John Pham (InBrace) DDS, MS   Closing the gap between research and industry: Why are the majority of those who need orthodontic treatment not opting in?
11:20 am11:50 amDr. Alfred Griffin (Light Force) DMD, PhD The Theoretical and Realized Value of Custom Labial Appliances
11:50 am12:20 pmCharlie Wen (uLab), MSUsing AI to create Hollywood smiles
12:20 pm12:50 pm Dr. Philippe Salah (Dental Monitoring), PhDWhat does the future hold for dental care? A deep dive into a rapidly transforming industry
12:50 pm1:30 pmlunch

Session IV – Innovative Clinical Care

Moderator – Dr. Peter Ngan

1:30 pm2:10 pmDr. Neal Kravitz, DMD, MSBracket Substitution Tips and Benefits of Customization Brackets
2:10 pm2:50 pmDr. Peter Ngan, DMD    Impact of Dental Technology on Orthodontic Treatment Strategies
2:50 pm 3:30 pmDr. Flavio Uribe, DDS, MDScSurgery first and tele-orthodontics: two synergistic approaches to reduce the duration of treatment and number of in-office appointments in the treatment of dentofacial deformity
3:30 pm3:50 pmCoffee Break
3:50 pm4:30 pm
 Dr. Won Moon, DMD, MSThe New Age of Orthodontics with Novel Technologies: Overcoming the Limitations and Charting the Unknown Territories…MSE and Aligner Systems
4:30 pm5:10 pmDr. Ahmet Ozlem Keles , DDS, DMScNew horizons in rapid palatal expansion (RPE): Keles Keyless Expander
5:10pm5:20 pm Drs. Ravindra Nanda / Tingxi WuConclusion remarks