For more than 100 years, Forsyth has been a world leader in oral health research and care. Our scientists were instrumental in moving the field of dentistry from a “drill and fill” model to a more comprehensive, evidence-based approach. Today, Forsyth offers a variety of continuing education (CE) courses taught by our world-renowned faculty. Our mission is to train the next generation of dentists to remain at the forefront of oral health innovation.

Forsyth provides CE programs in the field of dental medicine to students and professionals both domestically and internationally.

Forsyth is committed to forging international partnerships and developing innovative collaborations. One of the ways we demonstrate that priority is through the ongoing exchange of scholars and advanced graduate students from other countries. Forsyth CE programs strive to provide invaluable educational experiences for biomedical and dental professionals by invited faculty members from renowned academic institutions.

Upcoming Courses

No courses are currently scheduled. Please check back soon.

Past Topics

Past topics in the area of periodontics have included:

  • Timing of implant placement: guidelines and challenges
  • Microbiology and immunology of periodontal diseases
  • Regenerative periodontal treatment
  • Advancing periodontology in the era of personalized medicine
  • Periodontal-orthodontic treatment approaches
  • Principles of contemporary implant dentistry Aging periodontal and peri-implant tissues oral diseases: A public health concern planning the periodontal treatment
  • Gold standard in soft tissue grafting
  • Role of periodontal/dental health care providers in managing diabetic complications: a team approach

Past topics in the area of pediatric dentistry have included:

  • The evidence behind growth and development appliances: Early appliance therapy
  • Dental care for the child with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy
  • Treating the patient with special health care needs
  • Cleft lip/cleft palate and the pediatric dental patient
  • Orthodontics and sleep disorders in children
  • Orthodontic intervention of malocclusion in children
  • Dental management of patients with autism spectrum disorders
  • Treatment of dental trauma in children
  • Prevention protocols and zirconia crowns for children
  • School-based preventive dental care for children

 Past topics in the area of Orthodontics have included:

  • Management of craniofacial development and oral health in children: orthodontic perspectives
  • The imperatives of early orthodontic treatment in children
  • Orthodontic perspectives in adult and pediatric airway management
  • Management of orthodontic related complications.
  • Integration of digital orthodontics in modern practice.  

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