The Forsyth Institute Student Scholars Remote Science Camps expose aspiring young scientists in middle school and high school to the exciting and rewarding world of scientific research.

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Campers will receive a certificate of completion to highlight their work during the week. Campers will also be invited to join the Forsyth Student Scholars Alumni Group, a networking club for all Student Scholars alumni.

Dr. Megan Pugach-Gordon is a faculty researcher and the Director of Education at Forsyth. She oversees the Forsyth Student Scholars Program, a STEM summer internship program that allows local high school students to work with scientist mentors on independent laboratory research projects. After completing her undergraduate training at Washington University, Dr. Pugach-Gordon attended University of California, San Francisco for her PhD. After her postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania, she moved to Forsyth as assistant faculty in 2013, where she performs her research, mentors young scientists and exposes the next generation of scientists to laboratory research.

Modeled after the Forsyth Student Scholars Summer Internship Program, one of the oldest STEM programs in Massachusetts, for high school students interested in science careers, the 5-day Remote Science Camp introduces campers to the oral health research-focused science in which Forsyth scientists specialize—microbiology, immunology, bones and teeth, public health, and oral health.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Learning from world-renowned Forsyth scientists
  • Group discussions
  • Lab tours
  • Career chats
  • Campers will receive a certificate of completion – see sample certificate here
  • Membership in the Student Scholars Alumni Group

Camper requirements:

  • Interest in STEM, science, research, or oral health
  • Fully available for all 5 days of the week

For more information, please contact: